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An Innovative Hair Salon

SJ's hair salon was nestled in the heart of Dennistoun at 221 Cumbernauld road Glasgow owned and operated by Samantha a local hair stylist, from homers to working at various salons over the years applying her trade.
Samantha was based at 221 cumbernauld road SJ's hair Salon her very own place where her roots began... however building up a good relationship with my clients is important and I would rather continue to keep my customers, and have them get their hair done by a stylist they trust, than up my prices in a shop, therefore, I have become a mobile hairdresser as I have a passion for hair and there will always be a massive part of me that will allow people to get their hair done while being about to afford it. If your hair is looking good, then you will feel good. 

At SJ's Hair, it’s not only about styling your hair; it’s about giving you a look that you’ve always dreamed of.

When you choose SJ's Hair to cater to your needs, you can be sure of impeccable service by our qualified team.

treatments, blow drying, and cutting to colour, can advise on a perfect look for you. We use the best products on the market to ensure the highest standard is achieved.

Samantha is happy to take appointments on 07383691369

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